Monthly Themes

February 2011
Theme: "I Love My Family"
Letter: "O"
Color: Yellow
Number: 2

March 2011
Theme: Colors
Letter: "B"
Color: Green
Number: 2

April 2011
Theme: "Transportation: Planes, Trains and Trucks"
Letter: "A"
Color: Red
Number: 2*

(I am choosing to use the number 2 for several months, leading up till Noah's second birthday.)

May 2011
Theme: "In the Garden"
Letter: "N"
Color: Purple
Number: 3

June 2011
Theme: "Our Big Back Yard: Minnesota"
Letter: "H"
Color: Orange
Number: 1-2-3

July 2011
Theme: "Our Big Back Yard: The United States"
Letter: "W"
Color: Blue
Number: 1-2-3